First one-sheet for Hammer's The Quiet Ones brings the noise

It's hard to not get amped for a new film from Hammer, especially after the classic horror studio rocked our socks with the better-than-expected THE WOMAN IN BLACK, so it's with great anticipation that we eagerly await news on John Pogue's supernatural chiller THE QUIET ONES. We last updated you on THE QUIET ONES back in February when the producers inked a U.K. deal for the flick, and today we have a lo-rez version of the films one-sheet for you below.

Inspired by true events, the movie details the story of an unorthodox but charismatic professor who uses controversial methods and leads his best students off the grid to take part in a dangerous experiment: to create a poltergeist from negative human energy.

Yeah, it's kinda small, but hopefully we'll have a larger, high-rez version to share with you soon. Still, it's an effective poster that hints at the dangers the films experiments will create.

At a cursory glance at the films Facebook page, there is word (not yet confirmed) that the film may see release in the UK on October 31. Still no word on a North American release date but we'll keep you posted on that front when we hear it.

THE QUIET ONES stars Jared Harris, Sam Claflin, Erin Richards, Olivia Cooke and Rory Fleck-Byrne.

Extra Tidbit: Do you think THE QUIET ONES will be a solid entry in the Hammer Films catalogue?



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