Guess which book Stephen King wants to see adapted next

A few months back I did a top five here called the "Top Stephen King Stories That Need to be Movies" (or something like that) and, while I'm not going to spoil the top choice - or any of the five picks - here, I will say that it was a f*cking hard list to whittle down to five. King has too many classics. No joke.

Anyhow, King was recently interviewed by Variety about his upcoming series MR. MERCEDES - which airs tomorrow night, folks! Mark your calendars! - and the topic turned to which of his books he'd like to see adapted next and/or the most... And it wasn't one of the books I chose...

Turns out King thinks LISEY'S STORY would make the best flick/TV series.

Not bad. I agree here and there. That said, there are other King books/stories I'd rather see hit the screen before LISEY'S STORY. But I can dig the man's reasoning, which you can check out below.

Stephen King on which story he'd like to see adapted next:

Oh, man. “Lisey’s Story,” I guess. “Lisey’s Story” is my favorite of the books and I would love to see that done, especially now that there’s a kind of openness on the streaming services on TV and even the cable networks.

There’s more freedom to do stuff now and when you do a movie from a book, there’s this thing that I call the sitting on a suitcase syndrome. That is where you try to pack in all the clothes at once and the suitcase won’t close, so you just sit on it until it latches. And sometimes when it comes down on the baggage carousel, it busts open and your dirty laundry is everywhere.

So it’s tough to take a book that is fully textured and has all the wheels turning and do it in two hours and 10 minutes. But as a TV show you have 10 hours, there’s always the possibility of doing something like “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which is extraordinary.

Again, I'm down for a LISEY'S STORY film - or even King's TV series idea - especially from a quality filmmaker like Leigh Janiak (HONEYMOON) or Sophia Takal (ALWAYS SHINE), so if that's what King thinks should be next, let the man have his day in court. You listening, Blumhouse?

All the same, make sure to hit us up on social media and let us know what your thoughts are on which King book should be adapted for the screen next on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!


Extra Tidbit: I'd love a King biography film ala RAY or WALK THE LINE.
Source: Variety



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