Sanitarium Massacre to hit PC and THQ gives Metro: 2033 free!

It's been a while since we've had a good round-up of horror gaming news, so let's get down to brass tax. In the best news gamers have gotten in a while, THQ is giving out free, I repeat FREE, copies of METRO: 2033.

The critically acclaimed first person shooter will only be available until December 16th but should get you primed to pre-order the follow-up, METRO: LAST LIGHT (which hits shelves March 31st). Simply "Like" their Facebook page and follow the download instructions to secure your copy today.

Next up, we have a callback to a Cool Horror Video we reported months back. Pig Farmer Games has taken their HALLOWEEN 3D video game fan project and converted it into SANITARIUM MASSACRE. The game, an homage to 80s slashers and RESIDENT EVIL-style third person survival horror, will be released sometime next year. Check out the cheapo VHS-stylized pic below for more details that'll have you digging on SANITARIUM MASSACRE.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else planning on snagging copies of these bad boys?



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