INT: Tanedra Howard

When I met Tanedra Howard, not only did I not see "Scream Queens" when it was on VH-1, but I didn't get to see the movie she is promoting either. But I will say this, Tanedra is a blast to hang out with. I walked into her "room" at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights Saw Maze and immediately started chatting with her. She mentioned that she loved The Three Tenors and I thought that was kind of cool. I'm not really a fan, but for some reason, I dug that. Of course, maybe it is simply because this is one beautiful lady and she has a killer sense of humor. Oh yeah, we talked SAW VI too. Will you be checking out SAW this coming Friday, October 23th, or will you be going to see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY?

Source: AITH

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