INT: Toby Jones

Theatrically trained Brit actor Toby Jones was first discovered underneath the bright lights of the London stage. Gradually making his way to the big screen, Jones was lauded for his consecutive supporting roles on solid films like FINDING NEVERLAND, INFAMOUS and THE PAINTED VEIL, which helped him score his next role. Switching gears, the talented performer crosses over to the horror genre to characterize the role of Ollie, the supermarket manager, in Frank Darabont’s upcoming film THE MIST.

I was more than a little intrigued to meet the small-statured actor whom I thought resembled a younger version of Bob Newhart. Jones was polite, sweet and downright adorable. Fighting the urge to pinch his cheeks, I settled for some interesting repartee with the self proclaimed Stephen King virgin who discussed landing the part, working with the cast, Darabont and CGI effects. While waiting for THE MIST to clear this Wednesday, November 21st, check him out below.

Source: AITH

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