Is Harrison Ford set to star in Blade Runner 2?

"Uh, yeah, we've been chatting about it."

That's Harrison Ford's answer to IGN's recent question regarding his participation in the forthcoming BLADE RUNNER sequel, which Ridley Scott has been attempting to mount for quite some time. The film was confirmed to be happening last year, has not gained much steam as far as we can tell, but this is encouraging news for folks wondering if Rick Deckard is returning.

Back in May, BLADE RUNNER 2 production company Alcon Entertainment announced that it had hired Michael Green (THE GREEN LANTERN) to re-write the sequel's screenplay, which was originally penned by Hampton Fancher. Available story details, of course, are close to zilch.

Alcon co-founders and co-Chief Executive Officers Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove will produce BLADE RUNNER 2 with Bud Yorkin and Cynthia Sikes Yorkin, along with Ridley Scott. Frank Giustra and Tim Gamble, CEO’s of Thunderbird Films, will serve as executive producers.

Alcon and Yorkin previously announced that they are partnering to produce “Blade Runner” theatrical sequels and prequels, in addition to all television and interactive productions.

Extra Tidbit: Do you want to see a BLADE RUNNER sequel, or should they leave well enough alone?
Source: IGN



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