Jack The Giant Killer scribe Darren Lemke gets Goosebumps for Columbia

I know R.L. Stine writes horror for kiddies, but you know what, I bet you half the shite he put to paper is scarier than TWILIGHT and its ilk...

Perhaps Darren Lemke thinks so as well, as THR claims the JACK THE GIANT KILLER scribe has just been hired by Columbia to adapt Stine's GOOSEBUMPS to the big-screen. Hopefully Lemke will fare better than Carl Ellsworth (DISTURBIA, LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT), who got a crack to compress GOOSEBUMPS into a feature length script back in 2010. He evidently failed, and so Lemke will start a page-one rewrite. Must be hard though, trying to find a through-line among more than 50 R.L. books Columbia acquired back in 2008. That seems to be the plan though, as opposed to picking a single title and running with it.

Truthfully, I never read many of the "Goosebumps" books as a kid. I did read the one about a sadistic ventriloquist, perhaps something with "Dummy" in the title? Can't quite recall. I enjoyed it, but as a horror tyke, it didn't really inspire me to want to read more. Hell, I was turn King's pages, even then. And we know how most of his adaptations turn out. Let's hope GOOSEBUMPS bucks the mold and offers something watchable.

Ashley Scott, star of Lemke's 2004 film LOST

Extra Tidbit: Which "Goosebumps" book is your favorite? Which should be used most for the film?
Source: THR



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