Jennifer Lynch on Hisss: "I didn't make that film." Plus loads of promo images!

When the following piece of news came across my inbox I had to do a double take. Jennifer Lynch says she didn't make HISSS?! What?? Once you're done doing your own double take let me hit you all with the details.

According to the international site Finel and Bollywood Lynch left India and the film behind before editing the material. Apparently producer Govind Menon put together the final product, which differs from what Lynch filmed dramatically. While Lynch (above) was aiming for more of a love story, it seems the final product is more genre than romance. Don't take my word for it though, scope out what Lynch herself had to say:

"Hisss was taken away from me in the edit. I have no idea what the film looks like. I came close to a directors’ cut, which Mallika, Venus and producers (Govind Menon and Vikram Singh) referred to as ‘European, languid and sensual’ all the things I thought were compliments. Apparently, that did not make them happy. I have no idea what is out there. Good or bad, I cannot take credit for it. Aside from shots and performances that I pray have not been butchered. ... They took the songs out; they wanted more horror. ... My name is all over it (the film). I can do nothing. But I want to come back [to India].”

Whoa. I really didn't see this shite coming at all. There goes my interest in the flick and I'm sure most of you are with me. Who knows though, maybe some of you are still into HISSS. In that case keep reading for a more positive update!

Thanks partly to an international site called Sulekha we've got a look at loads of promo images for HISSS! I'm talking over two dozen new images that include stills, FX shots and promo posters. Excited? Then what're you waiting for? Scroll away and enjoy!

In the year 2008, as an American man named George, packing high tech gear, and evil intentions, makes the arduous journey into the heart of the forbidden forest. He captures a male cobra the size of a large python when he's at his weakest, while mating. Little does he realize when they embark on testing this mysterious creature in their high-tech lab, what horror and destruction awaits him....

Directed by Jennifer Lynch, contrary to the mess you just read about, HISSS stars Mallika Sherawat (below), Irrfan Khan, Jeff Doucette and Divya Dutta and is still waiting for a US release. Once that, or any other HISSS news, hits you can be sure we'll tell you about it!

Thanks to Avery for the heads up!

Extra Tidbit: Does this recent news alter your interest in HISSS at all?



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