John Harrison and Rob Schrab are directing episodes of Creepshow

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie John Harrison

Shudder is moving forward with a series inspired by the George A. Romero / Stephen King horror anthology classics CREEPSHOW and CREEPSHOW 2, and normally something like this would make me nervous, especially after the debacle of a third film that Romero and King weren't involved with so we ignore the existence of. But so far it sounds like this new iteration of Creepshow is being done right.

The main creative force behind this series is Greg Nicotero, who is a protégé of both Romero and special effects legend Tom Savini, having gotten his career started working with them on DAY OF THE DEAD. Nicotero was later part of the effects team on CREEPSHOW 2. Now he's executive producing this Creepshow series and directing the first episode - which we recently learned is, very fittingly, based on a King story. Survivor Type.

Another Romero collaborator who is involved with this show is John Harrison, who composed the score for the first CREEPSHOW and wrote or directed several episodes of the Romero-produced TV show Tales from the Darkside before directing TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE (pictured above, and considered by some to be an unofficial CREEPSHOW 3). Harrison has revealed that he will be directing episodes of the Creepshow series and is "excited to be part of this scary new adventure".

There's no information available on the episodes Harrison will be directing, but we do know that Rob Schrab, who co-wrote MONSTER HOUSE and frequently works on comedy shows like Community and Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return, is at the helm of an episode called Bad Wolf Down. According to Production Weekly (passed along by Bloody-Disgusting), Bad Wolf Down is about what happens when

a group of World War II American soldiers, pinned down by a Nazi unit, resort to unholy and supernatural means to avoid capture, torture and death.

This is all sounding very promising to me. If they really want my hype to go through the roof, though, they'll base an episode on the King story Pinfall, which was written to be a segment of CREEPSHOW 2 but got dropped along the way. Maybe they could even get CREEPSHOW 2 director Michael Gornick to direct it... I'm daydreaming, but it's nice that this Creepshow is in such good hands that I can daydream about it rather than worry about it.



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