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Creepshow 2(1987)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Michael Gornick

George Kennedy/Ray
Dorothy Lamour/Martha
Holt MacCallany/Sam
Paul Satterfield/Deke
5 10
This sequel to the very popular \"Creepshow\" offers three gruesome tales from the minds of horror greats Stephen King and George Romero. Dig in?
It’s been a while since I’ve checked out the original “Creepshow”, so I won\'t be able to compare the two flicks but I do remember digging it though. As for this sequel? Well, I’m stuck in the middle with it. Let me break this bitch down.

WRAP-AROUND STORY: The story that plays out in between the horror tales isn’t all that. The live action sequences with The Creep (played by Tom Savini having a blast!) are amusing enough but the animated segments are guilty of three of the heaviest charges: they aren’t interesting, they aren’t funny and they aren’t gross. The animated bits feel rushed and more thought should have been put into them. I dub the wraparound segments: Zzzzzz

OLD CHIEF WOODN’HEAD: In a way, it\'s way kool that this is the first story to hit the screen, because it\'s freaking boring and once done, it\'s out of the way. This predictable tale of revenge via an Indian statue that comes to life is half set up (with putrid dialogue and very BAD acting) and half piss poor payoff (plays out like a slasher film but with sloppy gore and unfulfilling kills). When all was said and done, I was happy to see the story come to an end. Man, was that hard to sit through! NOTE: I’m so thrilled that the 80’s trend of slapping in the token fat guy is gone. In this story, there’s this dude affectionately called “Fat Fuck” by his peers and he got on my freaking nerves! A bad actor and a disgusting character. I dub this story: POOR

THE RAFT: This is the film’s sucker punch. I remember reading the story in King’s \"Night Shift\" and being horrified; and this adaptation does it justice. The tale follows four horny teens that go swimming in a lake where a man-eating “garbage bag” looking creature is chilling out. The segment has genuine tension, hilarious characters (the muscle head in his “Speedo” wuz dope), some harsh kills (I won\'t say a thing), a tight pace and a satisfying ending. The story balances horror and humor perfectly and even manages to slap in a gratuitous tit scene just for the heck of it. I do have one plot hole for which I need an answer though: How the fuck did muscle boy get that joint on the raft? Where did he put it for it not to get wet when he swam there? Up his corn-hole? I have to know! Jokes aside, this segment is the best of the lot and definitely woke me up! I dub this story: VERY KOOL

THE HITCHHIKER: This last segment falls somewhere in the middle. The story is about some greedy, adulteress broad who hits a hitchhiker on her drive home and then gets hunted by his ghost/zombie or whatever the hell he is. On the plus side, Lois Chiles (Annie) delivers a funny, engaging performance and her dialogue had me smirking. This tale also had the most gore and had this one witty one-liner that is repeated over and over again by the un-dead dude. I guess the story’s biggest flaw is its redundancy. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed seeing that dead hitcher get all kinds of beatings but at a certain point, it felt like the same thing being done over and over again. Yes, the levels of the situation do escalate but it\'s still the same damn thing for 20 minutes. I dub this story: SLIGHTLY ABOVE AVERAGE So what’s the verdict? \"Creepshow 2\" is okay but considering the talent behind the film, it’s somewhat disappointing. They could’ve done much, much better! Let\'s give The Creep a beating!
Oldchief Woodn’Head has a few kills: arrow in the head (I’m not punning myself), an off-screen scalping… but the goriest moment is the bodily noises that come out of that fat guy “puke”! The Raft has the best kills. Seeing teens being eaten alive is always \"fun times\". Look out for the leg gag…ouch! The Hitchhiker also has some kool Ketchup with the un-dead dude looking more mangled up in each scene. We see him get squashed, get bullets in his head…name it and it happens to this poor sap. I saw red.
George Kennedy (Ray) looks almost embarrassed to be here. I always liked the man’s acting but his performance here feels forced. Dorothy Lamour (Martha) doesn’t help George’s case; she’s very wooden and unconvincing and their chemistry is off. Holt MacCallany (Sam) does okay as the bad ass but his damn monologues about his looks or hair got testing. Paul Satterfield (Deke) cracked me up as the muscled jock. He gives an enthusiastic show. Daniel Bear (Randy) does fine as the geeky friend, although he does pull funny faces when he shows fear. Jeremy Green (Laverne) doesn’t have much of a part but that tit shot made it all happen. Lois Chiles (Annie) is backed by some good dialogue and gives a very amusing performance; I dug her.
T & A
Everybody is happy. The Raft gives us boyz a yummy extended tit shot (courtesy of Jeremy Green), and it also gives the chicks and the gay dudes Paul Satterfield (that buff, yellow “Speedo” wearing hunk) showing off his pumped stuff.
I guess Gornick wasn’t too inspired by the first story because apart from some nifty play with shadows, it looks pretty stale. The man does come through with the second story though, injecting a well-needed amount of tension into the film and does fine with the last story with some groovy shots and a tight pace.
The score goes for that over-the-top comical feel but unfortunately the film accompanying it, isn’t funny. That makes the score come off as a bit off and overdone.
Anchor Bay Entertainment

Image: Letterboxed at 1.85:1 ratio. Sound: Dolby 2.0 Mono Extras: We get a groovy trailer of the film and a behind the scenes picture slide show.
\"Creepshow 2\" isn’t worthless. The Raft alone makes this flick worth the rental price. But as a whole, the movie does feel kind of half-assed; this anthology could’ve been so much more! I just hope that for \"Creepshow 3\", the big boys put everything they’ve got into it! Come on, guys! Give us another anthology worthy of your names (yes, Romero and King...I mean u!)
Tom Savini plays The Creep in the prologue.

Both George Romero and Stephen King wrote the script for this bad boy.