John Krasinski and Emily Blunt face horror in A Quiet Place

Emily Blunt

Playing Jim Halpert on The Office was a breakthrough role for actor John Krasinksi, who has worked primarily in comedies and dramas over the course of his seventeen year career. Lately, Krasinski has been shaking things up a bit, stepping into action with Michael Bay's 13 HOURS and the upcoming Jack Ryan Amazon series, which is being produced by Bay's company Platinum Dunes.

Now Krasinski is set to venture into new territory again, preparing to give horror a try. And he's not only going to star in the genre project A QUIET PLACE, he's also writing and directing it.

As he heads into the new (to him) genre, Krasinski is going to have support from some people who have a lot of experience with horror - A QUIET PLACE is being produced by Platinum Dunes, who are best known for remakes and reboots like THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, THE HITCHER, FRIDAY THE 13TH, and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.

Also backing Krasinski up in this endeavor is his wife Emily Blunt (above), who will be co-starring in the film with him. She has dealt with creatures and supernatural forces before, in the likes of WIND CHILL, THE WOLFMAN, and EDGE OF TOMORROW. Blunt was most recently seen in the thriller THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN.

Details on the plot are being kept under wraps, but A QUIET PLACE is being described as a supernatural thriller. The original script was written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods.

Platinum Dunes is working with Paramount on this one, so I guess there are no hard feelings about the studio pulling the plug on their latest FRIDAY THE 13TH project when it was just six weeks away from filming. FRIDAY THE 13TH was supposed to start filming this weekend.

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