Kraven the Hunter movie officially in the works

Looks like Sony is still moving full steam ahead on their planned expanded universe set around SPIDER-MAN villains and what not. Thus far we already have a VENOM film headed our way this October via Tim Hardy. And recently we passed along the news that Jared Leto will be taking the lead in an adaptation of MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE.

And today we have word via Collider that Spider-Man foe, KRAVEN THE HUNTER will be heading to the screen next. Sony has already hired screenwriter Richard Wenk to pen the adaptation after being impressed with his work on such films as THE EQUALIZER 2, 16 BLOCKS, THE MECHANIC, THE EXPENDABLES 2, JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK, and the recent remake of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN

A rundown on Kraven via Collider:

Also known as Sergei Kravinoff, Kraven the Hunter is one of Spider-Man’s best known and most formidable enemies, as well as the half-brother of the Chameleon. The character has appeared in numerous Spider-Man properties including animated series, video games and of course, the Marvel comics, including the popular story Kraven’s Last Hunt. Kraven is known for hunting big game, but what is Kraven without his white whale Spider-Man, who he considers his ultimate trophy? 

Personally, even though Kraven the hunter has never been seen on the silver screen before, he's always been my favorite Spider-Man villain. But I don't read comic books so what do I know? I really only like the guy because his names sounds like Wes Craven. But that's enough for me. Bring it on, all the same, I say.

Extra Tidbit: Morbus or Kraven?
Source: Collider



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