Stephen King's IT: Five Theories Based on the New Trailer

The IT trailer hit a few days ago and was viewed over 197 million times in 24 hrs. I must account for about half of those views as I have studied every frame of the trailer since then. This list represents my theories on what we will see play out come September 8th. This info is based on my borderline OCD-level of knowledge about the source novel, which I have read so many times I dare say I know it word for word. Feel free to test me. Anyhow, as I mentioned, I have watched the trailer frame by frame and come up with 5 theories about what we will be seeing once the film hits. Now let's get to it!

1. S-s-s-stutter, stutter

So, you're telling me Stuttering Bill doesn't stutter in the new film? Sure as hell doesn't look like it to me. Okay, right, sure, this one isn't much of a theory either. But still, this is the biggest change I've noticed between the book and the new film thus far. Other than the time period, that is. Is this a big deal? Yes. He is, after all, known as "Stuttering Bill". The stutter is his most beloved, character-defining trait. That said, does it make sense for the filmmakers to ditch this aspect? Absolutely. I adapted the book into a script myself (because I'm a nerd) and the moment I typed Bill's first line of dialogue and had to write "T-Th-There you go, G-G-Geor-Georgie. Here's your b-b-bo-boat." I said, 'oh, f*ck this' and that "beloved, character-defining trait" got stomped out like Patrick Hockstetter at a pet store. I can't blame the filmmakers. I get it. We'll live. Especially if something truly horrific occurs towards the end of the film causing Bill's... speech... to... Oh, my God! That's totally what's going to happen! There's you final theory right there!

2. The Leper

We all know Javier Botet plays the Leper in the new film. We've all seen those blurry set pics. But did you catch his rotten, hippie-ass chasing after Eddie in the trailer? No? Missed him? I don't blame you, he's only visible for about three blurry frames, but sure as terrifying shite, there he is. Not doubt trying to get a dollar off old "Bad-Break" Eddie in exchange for some... let's say, dirty deeds... This one isn't so much of a "theory" as this aspect of the upcoming film has all but been confirmed at this point. Just pointing it out again for all of you who missed his cameo in the trailer.

3. The Bradley Gang

Look to the left of the above image. That mural is of The Bradley Gang. In the source novel, the Bradley Gang are a group of 1930's bank robbers who are featured in a full chapter's worth of flashbacks in which they rob banks, make a pit-stop in Derry, and get super-shotgun-massacred by the ENTIRE town. Pennywise helps too, shooting dual pistols into the gang whilst hanging out of a window as if King had just seen a John Woo movie before writing this particular Derry Interlude. I hope this scene is in the new film for no other reason than seeing Pennywise wielding dual pistols (or a Tommy gun) and taking out 1930's gangsters sounds like pretty much the coolest scene ever. Will we see the full scene play out in the new film? Doubtful. But the mural is a nice tip of the hat to a sequence that would have been beyond badass. I guess we'll have to wait for the eventual TV series based on the novel-- oh, wait...


I am a big fan of the 1990 IT mini-series, but one of the aspects contained in the source novel I missed in that adaptation most was the showdown with the teenage werewolf inside the house on Neibolt Street. Sure there was a teenage werewolf in the mini-series, but it merely showed up in the boiler room of the school, growled at Seth Green, and then turned into Pennywise. In the novel, there is a full-on, brutal fight to the death between the werewolf and the entire Loser's squad. Other than the Ritual of Chud, this is the best scene contained in the novel. A true show-stopper. I'm over-joyed now as it appears this bit will be included in the new film. On a fun side theory, in the book, IT appears as the teenage werewolf because Richie (played in the new film by STRANGER THINGS star Finn Wolfhard) has just seen I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF. But the novel takes place in the 50s; what are the chances the "new" Richie recently viewed I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF? Slim. But this new version takes place in 1989, so maybe he's just seen TEEN WOLF, or better yet, King's own SILVER BULLET maybe? That'd help build the Stephen King cinematic universe... Whatever form the werewolf takes in this new version, I am just happy that there will be a stronger confrontation with it this time around.


Look in the background on the above shot and you will see an old-fashion police car. That kid with the bitchin' mullet is Henry Bowers. The scene being laid out here is the one where Henry sees a red balloon tied to his mailbox, containing a switchblade. In the book, this scene happens at Henry's house, meaning that is Henry's garage in the background, and thus must mean the cop car belongs to Henry's father Butch Bowers. Right? I mean it's parked INSIDE the garage. It doesn't look like it's some cop visiting. If this theory is true then it means the insane Butch Bowers is now a cop in this new film. Which means a whole lot of hell for the Losers, and eventually Henry himself.


There's a theory going around that the MOUND IN THE STREET during the "Georgie knocks his dumbass little head on that bright ass orange sawhorse" part is IT's nemesis The Turtle. See that turtle-shaped tarp in the street in the image above? Yeah, that's supposedly the turtle hiding in plain sight. I don't buy it. However, I do wonder what the mound is. Maybe it was something they couldn't remove from the shot so they threw a tarp over it. But what about visual effects? They can paint out anything nowadays. Just saying. I don't think it's The Cosmic Turtle wearing a rain slicker, but it very well may be something surprising. But don't worry, this list isn't a bunch of kooky conspiracy theories. That said...
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