Exclusive Premiere! The horror short that led to the feature: Countdown!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

We're premiering our second short horror film today on our JOBLO HORROR VIDEOS and on this round it's JUSTIN DEC's COUNTDOWN, the never before seen 2016 short which led to the 2019 feature film of the same name to be produced (also written and directed by Justin). Tap the embed above to give it a look-see!

Written, Directed and Edited by Justin Dec, and starring Eric Jungmann and Anne Leighton, the short is about:

After downloading an app that claims to predict when you're going to die, a woman begins to realize that she's invited something sinister into her life.

Here's what Justin had to say about the short's inception, the feature and beyond!

The whole idea started when I was setting a timer on my phone.  As I watched the numbers tick backwards, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be creepy if it was counting down to my death?  Totally normal thought, I know.  I took that idea and wrote a 5 page short — a sort of proof of concept that I filmed in my apartment over two nights with two fantastic actors, Eric Jungmann and Anne Leighton.  I was super inspired at the time by David Sandberg’s Lights Out short and the incredible journey that took him on. 

Once the short was finished, I spent a lot of money sending it to festivals with the hope that someone would see the potential in it.  I also sent it to my friends Sean Anders and John Morris (writer/directors of Daddy’s Home 1 &2, Instant Family).  I was their Key Production Assistant on their first film Sex Drive back in 2008.  I had been sending Sean & John my comedy shorts for years and they were super supportive.  When I sent them Countdown, Sean immediately called me and said, “Stop sending this to festivals. Let’s turn this into a movie.” 

It was every aspiring filmmakers dream.  Looking back, it’s really funny to me that I had been sending the comedy guys my comedy shorts for years but it was the horror short that got their attention.  I guess the lesson there is to take risks.  If you have an idea you feel passionate about, make it.  You never know what doors it will take you through.  Now I’m in development on several projects, nothing I can talk about just yet but there’s one secret project I’m writing & directing that I’m very excited about!  More to come on that soon!

Kudos Justin! Getting a film off the ground is no small feat and much like David Sandberg inspired you, we hope that you inspire other aspiring filmmakers with your story! There's no reaction without actions! 

The short was Produced by Nicole Crespo and Clancy McLain. The Director of Photography was Akis Konstantakopoulos. Eli Weber was the Sound Editor while the music was by Ryan McTear and special makeup effects by Ben Ploughman.

Make sure to visit JUSTIN DEC's OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE and to follow him on INSTAGRAM HERE. And you check out some Behind the Scenes pics from the short, the one sheet and videos for the feature below!


Source: Arrow in the Head

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