Lost Linnea Quigley film, Scream Queen, will finally be released

Like most horror fans, I miss the 80s-- the slasher boom, the dearth of mom and pop video shops, and of course, the last great wave of scream queens. At the top of the heap was RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD star Linnea Quigley, whose great presence, sense of humor, and effortless sexuality enhanced every movie she appeared in. She’s mostly out of the scream queen game these days (aside from cameo work), but it seems the gal had one last headlining role we didn’t know about.

SCREAM QUEEN is finally being released after 14 years of sitting on the shelf. The Brad Sykes film is to premiere at the Scare-A-Curse Horror and More Film Festival (formerly known as The “B” Movie Film Fest) September 15th in Verona, New York. Though a date hasn’t been specified, the film is also to receive a special edition DVD release from LEO Films sometime this year. For more on SCREAM QUEEN, check out the synopsis and picture below.

Legendary scream queen Linnea Quigley’s lost film Scream Queen will finally have its world premiere this year - 14 years after it was shot! The first feature written and directed by cult horror filmmaker Brad Sykes (Camp Blood Trilogy, Plaguers), Scream Queen is a horror comedy that parodies the no/low budget horror film scene.

After famous “scream queen” Malicia Tombs (Quigley) dies in a freak accident on the set of her latest chiller, the shoot is suspended and the film shelved. One year later the cast and crew are summoned to an isolated mansion to finish the movie. Everyone is a suspect in Malicia’s untimely death, and a masked killer with vengeance on its mind soon begins bumping them off, one by one. Is Malicia back from the dead, or is someone else responsible? You’ll be screaming – and laughing – all the way till the bloody finish.

Extra Tidbit: Quigley was briefly married to effects wizard and THE FLY II director Steve Johnson.



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