Malicious film starring Bojana Novakovic and Josh Stewart goes Vertical

Malicious Michael Winnick

We covered writer/director Michael Winnick's supernatural horror film MALICIOUS when it was first announced at the end of 2016, and now we have a very good update to report - Vertical Entertainment has acquired the North American distribution rights to the film and are planning to give it a theatrical release this summer.

The film stars Bojana Novakovic Melissa Bolona, Yvette Yates, Delroy Lindo, and Josh Stewart, who was recently seen in another supernatural horror movie, INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY.

According to the short synopsis, the film tells the story of 

a young newlywed who suffers a traumatic event, then finds herself haunted — and connected — to a malicious entity with murderous intentions.

The longer synopsis goes like this: 

When a young college professor Adam and his pregnant wife Lisa suffer a traumatic event, they find themselves along with Lisa’s sister Becky haunted — and connected — to a malicious entity. It is only when Adam calls upon Dr. Clark, a professor of parapsychology at the university, that the true horror of what they have encountered becomes clear.

MALICIOUS was produced by Brett Forbes and Patrick Rizzotti, with Yates, Shaun Redick, Ali Jazayeri, Kevin Alexander Heard, Viviana Zarragoitia, and Raymond Mansfield serving as executive producers.

Redick had this to say about the film: 

The fear and the fragility of having a newborn weighs on every couple, and in Malicious, those terrors are heightened in unexpected ways."

Vertical's co-president Rich Golberg adds, 

This shocking horror will make any parent or future parent shiver in fear."

That sounds promising enough to me. I look forward to seeing the marketing materials and finding out when exactly the release date will be as we get closer to the summer.

AMP Films are currently presenting the international distribution rights to potential buyers during the Berlin International Film Festival and market.

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