Mark Wahlberg signs on for a Home Invasion

Mark Wahlberg

Twenty years ago, Mark Wahlberg led a home invasion in the thriller FEAR. Now he has signed on to fend off a home invasion in a new thriller that is, very appropriately, going by the title HOME INVASION.

The project is set up at Paramount, and in addition to starring in the film Wahlberg will also be producing it with Stephen Levinson.

Described as "PANIC ROOM meets DIE HARD", HOME INVASION centers on

a contractor (Wahlberg) whose artist wife suffers from an illness that prevents her from being in the sunlight and, as such, he builds a futuristic house that blocks out any natural light. When a band of criminals attempts to break into the house to steal one of his wife’s valuable sculptures, he must evade and outsmart them to protect his home.

The screenplay for HOME INVASION has been written by PRISONERS scribe Aaron Guzikowski, who previously worked with Wahlberg on the 2012 film CONTRABAND.

Guzikowski is currently working on a couple horror reboots, writing the new FRIDAY THE 13TH for Paramount and a new version of THE WOLF MAN (which could star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) for Universal. I'm interested in everything he has going on!


Extra Tidbit: How does HOME INVASION sound to you?
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