Rumor: Universal wants The Rock to be The Wolf Man

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

As they build their new Univeral Monsters Cinematic Universe, Universal is clearly interested in having the movies run on star power. Tom Cruise is going to be battling the Mummy (which will be played by star-on-the-rise Sofia Boutella), Russell Crowe is Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Johnny Depp has been cast as the Invisible Man, and it has been rumored that they're pursuing Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie to star in THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, respectively.

So it's no surprise to hear that they have an extremely popular actor in mind to follow in the footsteps of Lon Chaney Jr. and Benicio Del Toro to become the new Wolf Man, but it's not an actor I ever would have expected: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

This information comes from a Deadline article that mentions they've heard "persistent rumors" that Johnson is the top choice to play Universal's werewolf.

It would be interesting to see how THE WOLF MAN would play out with Johnson as the star. The man cursed with lycanthropy would certainly come off as a charismatic fellow, and Johnson can also be an intimidating beast when he wants to be... You wouldn't want to bury his performance under too many special effects, though.

Johnson as the Wolf Man is just a rumor for now. We'll have to wait and see how it goes.

The Wolf Man Lon Chaney Jr. Claude Rains Evelyn Ankers

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Source: Deadline



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