New poster for Hidden in the Woods shatters around Michael Biehn

Patricio Valladares' English-language remake of the Chilean horror film HIDDEN IN THE WOODS has been giving us a lot of great things to look with a solid cast led by genre favorite Michael Biehn. Not only do we get an all new badass poster for the flick to stare at but we've also learned that the William Forsythe has been locked into a role for the film as well. Forsythe is brilliant in BOARDWALK EMPIRE so I'm quite pleased to see him joining alongside Biehn in what is sure to be an intense trip into the horror genre.

The film focuses on Ana and Anny, two sisters whom have been raised in isolation under the atrocity of drug dealing and the incestuous obsession of their grim father. When they, tired of the abuse, call the police, he kills two officers and is put in jail. Free from their father, the girls now will have to escape from Tío Costello, the local drug lord trying to recover a large amount of drugs hidden in the woods.

It's interesting to see the film's original director, Patricio Valladares, returning to direct the English remake — especially coming so soon after the making the original flick. This could give Valladares an oppertunity to fix things or add elements to the film that he may have wanted in the original, so it'll be interesting to see what he does with it

The film is scheduled to shoot in early June in Texas. Check out the new poster below!

Extra Tidbit: Has anyone seen the original flick? Is a remake needed?
Source: AITH



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