Nick Groff & Elizabeth Saint Launch Visionary Streaming Network VIDI Space!

We at AITH are always excited to follow Nick Groff and his thrilling paranormal endeavors. As a friend to the site, he has shared a ton of cool events in addition to news on the popular series Paranormal Lockdown. However, we are absolutely thrilled to share his latest announcement. This coming Monday, January 8th, Nick and Elizabeth Saint (Ghosts of Shepherdstown) are launching VIDI Space, a brand new online network. What makes this streaming service special is that much of the content will be live, and of course, you will find a whole lot of diverse programming that delves into all things horror, hauntings and so much more.

The first channel for VIDI Space will be The Haunted Space, a place where members can “watch and interact with their favorite live streaming personalities through weekly episodic live shows.” The channel promises to bring audiences great entertainment, original programing and something uniquely fresh, and not just for horror fans. You’ll find everything from documentaries, the occult, science fiction and even music and travel. We are delighted to see what Nick, Elizabeth and co-founder Justin Narragon will bring to streaming services in a new age of television programming. Be sure to tune into VIDI Space and see what genre goodies they have in store. See the full press release below and of course, congratulations to Nick, Elizabeth and Justin!


VIDI Space (http://www.vidi.space) is a new online network founded by Nick Groff (“Paranormal Lockdown” / “Ghost Adventures”), Elizabeth Saint (“Ghosts of Shepherdstown”), and Justin Narragon offering both subscription and a la carte options to their programming. The difference from other streaming platforms is that the majority of VIDI Space is LIVE content. The first channel to be released to the public under the VIDI Space brand is The Haunted Space (http://TheHaunted.Space) where members can watch and interact with their favorite live streaming personalities through weekly episodic live shows in all things occult, oddities, and paranormal. 

Nick Groff states, “I’ve been producing and pitching shows for over 10 years. At some point you get tired of having concepts and talent you’re really passionate about get pushed aside, because the industry doesn’t believe in them. That’s about to change. We feel like the underdogs in this. We want a platform where people can really be seen and take these great ideas to their full potential.”

The platform will be publicly released January 8th with the first live episode airing January 27th. All live streaming content will be available for VOD after the initial airing. Additional channels will be released over the next couple months covering a large range of different genres and topics including, but not limited to, documentaries, science fiction, crime, UFOs, adventure, horror, cyptid, music, and travel. 

Aside from their original programming, VIDI Space Inc is also branching out into acquired content through a selective process where independent and documentary filmmakers in all genres can showcase their works on the platform. They are welcoming submissions on their website, http://www.vidi.space, or via email to [email protected] 

According to Elizabeth Saint, “As a company we believe in our slogan that We Saw The Future. We believe that the future holds an environment where entertainment is not just watched - it’s experienced. Raw. Uncut. Live. Enter Our Reality.”

In the near future, VIDI SPACE will also be available through iOS / Android mobile, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV applications. 

Source: AITH



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