Only inevitable! Insidious filmmakers James Wan & Leigh Whannell announce sequel

Can anyone say this one comes as a shock? Come on, when you're easily one of the most profitable movies of the year, you know your ass is getting sequelized!

And that's exactly what's going down with last year's massive horror hit INSIDIOUS. Word from Deadline is Leigh Whannell will ink the sequel, and that James Wan is in negotiations to return to the director's chair as well. Also returning are producers Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Productions, not to mention Oren Peli and his P.A. producers Brian Kavanaugh Jones and Steven Schneider. One big happy reunion, it seems.

As you might imagine, no plot details have been divulged at this time. Hell, we don't even have a title. Even so, here's what Whannell said in a recent statement:

“Insidious was the most fun project I’ve ever worked on...From start to finish it was an absolute joy—from the writing of the screenplay, all the way to the first screening of the film at the Toronto film festival. I believe that James Wan and I achieved what we set out to do—create a horror film for horror fans…Both of us feel that we can mine more terror from the world we created and know that if we assemble every member of the original team, we will have an amazing continuation of the story for fans of the first film.”

Hells yeah! Can't get mad at that. INSIDIOUS proved you don't need a bloated budget to make an effective movie, in or out of genre. Good acting, good writing, good photography, good editing...that's all you really need. I think I can safely speak for the majority when I say...we can't wait to see what Leigh and James have for us in part two. Bring it on boys...don't hold a damn thing back!

INSIDIOUS star Rose Byrne

Extra Tidbit: You in favor of an INSIDIOUS sequel? Which characters do you want to return?
Source: Deadline



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