Paranormal Activity 5 gets a familiar October release date

As has been par for the course with the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY sequels, the latest entry into the franchise has received a pre-Halloween release date. OCTOBER 25th, to be precise. Given the lukewarm reception that part 4 received, this could be the final PA flick, but I suppose we shouldn't bet on it. (Even if 4 was the weakest of the bunch, it still grossed $135 million worldwide off of a $5 million budget.)

We still don't know who is writing or directing PA 5, although of course Jason Blum will return to produce the spookfest. The film has already been playing the viral game; a (fictional) fellow named Jacob Degloshi has been updating his Facebook and Twitter pages with all kinds of imagery and info that is clearly linked to the PARANORMAL mythology. (Apparently his daughter, pictured, is the latest target of whatever the hell the villain is in these movies.)

The only other competition on October 25th as of right now is Edgar Wright's THE WORLD'S END.

Extra Tidbit: Are you over PARANORMAL ACTIVITY?
Source: Deadline.com



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