Peep some stills from The Pang Brothers' solo films: Sleepwalker 3D & Fairy Tale Killer

It's no secret that The Pang Brothers Danny and Oxide are both working on their own, seperate films right now. Danny Pang's current project being FAIRY TALE KILLER while Oxide Pang is currently working on SLEEPWALKER 3D. This is no surprise because we've actually told you about these projects HERE and HERE.

Well today we've got a nice combined update from the two flicks in the form of two brand new stills. Actually if I'm not mistaken these new shots are the first stills from their respective projects.

First up, above you'll find the first shot from Danny Pang's FAIRY TALE KILLER. Nothing too exciting here but we're going to go ahead and roll with it anyway. FAIRY TALE KILLER stars Ching Wan Lau. Scope out the synopsis:

The film centers on a hard nosed cop appointed to investigate a series of puzzling and grisly murders, arranged in such a way as to resemble Fairy Tales.

Next up we've got a pretty intriguing shot from Oxide Pang's SLEEPWALKER 3D. While it feels a tad bit like it's coming straight out of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY the new still is indeed from SLEEPWALKER. What're you waiting for? Scroll on down directly below to check it out. SLEEPWALKER 3D stars Lee Sinje, Charlie Young and Huo Si Yan and reads a little something like this:

SLEEPWALKER follows the twin stories of a woman tortured by mysterious dreams and a policewoman with an unsolved murder case.

So there you have it folks! Nothing groundbreaking but a nice little update on The Pang Brothers' latest films. No word on any sort of release for either flick but you can bet we'll keep our eyes and ears open for more on both SLEEPWALKER 3D and FAIRY TALE KILLER!

Extra Tidbit: Which flick are you looking forward to more: SLEEPWALKER 3D or FAIRY TALE KILLER?
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