Platinum Dunes Halloween 3D pitch reel surfaces

You remember back when Platinum Dunes was courting the Dimension to make HALLOWEEN 3D? Nothing ever came of it (besides a plea of sanity from our own Ammon Gilbert) and everyone assumed Michael Bay’s production company was dropped from the project like their predecessors (DRIVE ANGRY'S Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer). Well, it turns out that assumption was correct as production artwork and pitch animatics have been released by the man who was lobbying for the director’s chair.

Let it be known I mostly dislike Platinum Dunes productions before I geek out over this pre-production package. Said work is from Federico D’Alessandro, Marvel Studio's head storyboard artist and award winning short filmmaker. D'Alessandro was courting HALLOWEEN 3D and getting great feedback from all parties until talks fell through between Platinum Dunes and Dimension. D'Alessandro has released his HALLOWEEN 3D pitch animatic and concept art to give fans an understanding of what they’re missing out on:

"With Halloween being re-released to theaters soon, and October coming up, I’m hoping that readers could get a kick out of seeing a horror themed pitch animatic for a major property."

You can check the images and animatic below. In my opinion the video looks to be what HALLOWEEN fans have been clamoring for since HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION. Really, this is Michael Myers the way he’s meant to be: evil, kill happy and more than a little sadistic. People often forget that one of the attributes that separates The Shape from Jason and Leatherface is a subtle, often prank-like approach to his killing and I like that D’Alessandro taps into that here. It’s the most chilling animated and voice acted storyboard montage you’re likely to see. Give it a go and talk back with your opinion below...

Extra Tidbit: If I absolutely need an excuse to tack a photo of Kristina Klebe onto this article, let it be known she gave a fun/sexy performance in Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN.



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