Promo poster & synopsis for The Cloth, starring Eric Roberts & Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo and Eric Roberts in the same film? Not sure, has this occurred before? It must have...

If not, we're in for a mighty treat with THE CLOTH, a new horror joint starring both gentleman...who've together tallied a total of 464 screen credits. Mathematically, it seemed a sheer inevitability...and now it's a reality. Folks, without further adieu, get tangled in THE CLOTH below...

Written and directed by Justin Price:

The Cloth is a horror action-sci-fi thriller centered on a secret organization formed by the Catholic Church to counteract the rising cases of demonic possessions across the country. With the arrival of the Devil’s General Kasdeya on earth, the members of the Cloth have only seven days to stop the crossover of the ultimate evil into our realm. To stop Beelzebub’s arrival, their mission depends on Jason, a young godless man, to lead the next generation of Cloth members before the Devil and his armies walk the earth.

Kyler Willett, Rachel Brooke Smith (below), John Greer, Steven Brand, Robert Miano, Lassiter Holmes and Asad Farr also appear in THE CLOTH. The $2 million, 90 minute feature has yet to lock a release date, but seems poised to hit sometime this year. Until we hear more, here's the Official Site for the film.

Extra Tidbit: Who'd win in a fight, Roberts or Trejo?
Source: VMI Worldwide



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