Psychological dubstep thriller Snap drops a SXSW teaser

Yes, a psychological thriller set in the world of dubstep. Being an old man in his 30s, I know next to little about this music genre, but that probably won't stop me or you from enjoying SNAP, which is on the verge of premiering at the South By Southwest Film Festival. Starring Jake Hoffman, Nikki Reed, Scott Bakula, Thomas Dekker and Jason Priestley, SNAP comes from Youssef Delara (FILLY BROWN) and Victor Teran.

Today a teaser has emerged for the film, which features plenty of that dubstep the kids are so crazy about. Flick looks like a real trip, so I'm eager to see more from this freakout.

The plot:

Jim is a painfully shy, socially awkward music savant whose inner demons get stirred up when he develops an obsession with Wendy, a young clinical social worker, who is drawn to Jim by her naïve desire to save people. His fixation grows more menacing after she rejects his romantic advances and Wendy is forced to seek out the counsel of her mentor, Kevin. Together they attempt to unravel the secrets of Jim's inner torment before it spirals out of control.

Nikki Reed



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