Ridley Scott's Prometheus sequels will reveal the origins of the Xenomorphs

Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS 2, recently renamed ALIEN: PARADISE LOST because they want to make sure nobody has any idea what's going on with this franchise, will officially reveal the origin of the Xenomorphs! About damn time, too.

Said Scott in a recent interview:

PROMETHEUS 2 will start getting shot in February and I’ve already begun now so I know what the script is. Then there will be another one after that and then maybe we’ll back into ALIEN 1, as to why? Who would make such a dreadful thing?

This move might be an attempt to truly reclaim the ALIEN franchise, which got out of his hands after he hopped ship to helm BLADE RUNNER:

I’m trying to keep this for myself. I let the other one [Alien] get away from me – I shouldn’t have… I’m trying to re-resurrect the beast and let if off the hook for a while because I’m coming back into the back-end of Alien 1. I’m gradually getting to Alien 1.

Personally, I find it scarier if we don't actually provide an origin story for the beasties, but PROMETHEUS' non-answer was possibly even more frustrating. At the very least, Ridley Scott returning to this universe is never entirely a bad thing. I'm not marking my calendar just yet, but he might have a couple tricks up his sleeve.

With a script by John Logan, ALIEN: PARADISE LOST will see Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace returning to their PROMETHEUS roles, possibly being joined by Rebecca Ferguson.

Extra Tidbit: Would you rather see PROMETHEUS 2 or an ALIEN sequel?
Source: IGN



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