Ron Perlman-Armand Assante thriller Killer By Nature gets a release date

Is Valentine's Day not complete unless it has some ritualistic murder involved? Then we've got some good news for you! Douglas Younglove's KILLER BY NATURE, starring Ron Perlman and Armand Assante, will be available on DVD and digital On Demand beginning February 14th. Give it to someone you want to smooch!

The synopsis: Ritualistic murders, which once lived only in his nightmares, have now begun occurring in Owen Whitemore's (Zachary Ray Sherman) reality. The stylized killings bear the unmistakable signature of infamous serial killer--and current Death Row inmate--Dr. Eugene Branch (Armand Assante), thrusting young Owen on an unlikely collision course with the volatile monster.

Enter Dr. Jonas Julian (Ron Perlman), world-renowned authority on sleep disorders and dream analysis, who has one additional special discipline that will ultimately spell the difference between salvation and destruction for his young patient. As the clock ticks down toward Branch's execution, Owen's life unravels and the murders escalate. Suspicion is cast on Owen as the mystery deepens and the story hurtles toward its breathtaking climax.

On the DVD front, all you're getting in terms of "special features" is Closed Captioning, 16:9 Widescreen Format, 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound, Trailers and Optional Spanish Subtitles... In other words, not much. But hey, maybe the movie is all you'll need!

In addition to Perlman, Sherman and Assante, KILLER BY NATURE stars Lin Shaye (There's Something About Mary, Kingpin), Haley Hudson (Marley & Me, Freaky Friday), Svetlana Efremova (White Oleander, The Island) and Richard Riehle (Bridesmaids, Office Space). Pre-order the flick right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: KILLER BY NATURE's first trailer came out back in November of 2010.
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