Robert Englund thinks the Wishmaster movies deserved a little more respect

I recently re-watched WISHMASTER a few weekends ago, and I really dug it. The beginning alone is worth the price of an iTunes rental, as the gore and the imagination on display in that sequence alone are top f*cking notch.

Freddy Krueger and WISHMASTER co-star Robert Englund was recently at the Emerald City Comic Con where he talked about Ted Raimi, showing up to the WISHMASTER set and being blown away by construction job, and that the series deserves more respect in general.

Robert England on Wishmaster:

I knew that we were on to something original. I think the Wishmaster movies deserved a little more respect. It’s a great hook, and Andrew Divoff is terrific in those films. That great idea, it's something that we all know, that you have three wishes, what would they be, and what if you make the wrong wish? Or your wish was turned against you? 

I thought it was just a great great hook… a great gimmick for a franchise. That unfortunately didn’t go far enough, I think. I think they should have waited a little longer, because I know how successful those guys are (KNG). I think there was probably at least one more to be made. Would’ve been really interesting.

Here is the entire video of Robert Englund at the Emerald City Comic Con. The bit about WISHMASTER starts at 31:30.

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Extra Tidbit: What did you think of WISHMASTER?
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