Robert Shaye to produce Nightlight for director Tyler MacIntyre

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In some circles of the horror fan community, producer Robert Shaye has achieved a folk hero status. The man who founded New Line Cinema and guided the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET franchise from its beginning up through FREDDY VS. JASON has a lot of fans out there, fans who are happy to see that he is starting to have a bit of a resurgence. We haven't heard much about Shaye since he departed New Line in 2008, but in the last year he has produced a thriller called WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS and directed another thriller called AMBITION (formerly known as GIFTED).

Shaye is now set to produce yet another thriller, this one set to be directed by TRAGEDY GIRLS (pictured above) director Tyler MacIntyre. Scripted by MacIntyre and Chris Hill, it's called NIGHTLIGHT and centers on 

a 10-year-old boy who must fight off some sort of invaders while home alone.

Shaye will be producing the film through his company Unique Pictures, with Michael Lynne and Vince Gatewood also serving as producers. The project is set up at Sony's Columbia Pictures division. Sara Rastogi is overseeing NIGHTLIGHT for the studio.

NIGHTLIGHT sounds interesting to me, it's good to see Robert Shaye back at work, and I'm looking forward to finding out exactly what sort of invaders the kid in the film will be dealing with.

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