Scott Derrickson closes deal to direct Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch

It's already been two years since the release of DOCTOR STRANGE, and while a sequel has been pretty certain there hasn't been a lot of movement on the project while Doctor Strange himself, the Sorcerer Supreme of Marvel Comics and one of the few superhero characters we cover here on Arrow in the Head, has gone on to appear in THOR: RAGNAROK and AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. But things are moving now. Although Strange disintegrated into ash (along with 50% of all living things in the universe) in INFINITY WAR, he will be back for DOCTOR STRANGE 2 - and DOCTOR STRANGE director Scott Derrickson has closed his deal to return to the helm for the sequel.

Benedict Cumberbatch will be back in the role of Doctor Stephen Strange, with his co-stars from the first film Benedict Wong and Rachel McAdams expected to reprise the roles of Strange's pal Wong and love interest Doctor Christine Palmer, respectively.

A screenwriter has not yet been hired for DOCTOR STRANGE 2, although Derrickson will likely be doing some work on the script himself. Since there is currently no writer there are also no plot details, but it wouldn't be surprising if Chiwetel Ejiofor were to be part of the story as a villainous Baron Mordo.

Derrickson, whose previous directorial credits include SINISTER and DELIVER US FROM EVIL, has said that he would like to include the character Nightmare, the evil ruler of the nightmare dream realm, in the sequel - which would make the movie even more Arrow-worthy.

The script for DOCTOR STRANGE 2 is expected to be written throughout 2019 as the project heads toward a spring 2020 production start and, possibly, a May 2021 release.

Last month Derrickson was in the news because he lost his home in the California wildfires, so I'm glad there's now some good news to report about him.

Source: THR



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