See David's drawings of what happened to Shaw before Alien: Covenant

As you might expect from the headline, there are SPOILERS in this article.

ALIEN: COVENANT did its best to sever some of the major dangling threads left over from PROMETHEUS as quickly as possible, tossing ideas aside and ditching the character of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, the PROMETHEUS heroine played by Noomi Rapace, in a way only slightly less harsh than the deaths of Hicks and Newt at the beginning of ALIEN 3.

Shaw is obviously dead, but there are still questions over what exactly happened to her and why. What did the evil android David (Michael Fassbender) do to her? Did he really care for her, as he said, or was that an act? Why did he make a grave site if he didn't actually put her body in the grave?

Director Ridley Scott wants to squeeze at least one more movie in between PROMETHEUS and the original ALIEN, so maybe we'll get some answers in that one. Or, with the way COVENANT treated the questions left over from PROMETHEUS, maybe we shouldn't expect answers at all.

In the movie, we are given a glimpse of drawings David did that depicted Shaw as the subject of various twisted experiments he conducted on his way to creating the xenomorphs. That artwork, which was actually created by Matt Hatton, has now been released online, giving us a better looking at what David was drawing with Shaw as his muse.

This artwork still doesn't really provide any definitive answers - for one thing, I don't think a single human body could sustain having all these different things done to it, and for another I don't know what the hell is going on in some of these images. But it's interesting nonetheless.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think happened between David and Shaw?
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