Shark-Thriller Cage Dive swims to a summer release

You go in the cage. Cage goes in the water. Shark's in the water.

Talk about a killer premise. Imagine being trapped in a shark-diving cage, surrounded by viscous, hungry-for-human-meat sharks. As scary (as fu*k) as that sounds, the situation would never happen to me, because a) the ocean can kiss my ass, and b) if I ever did, by some miracle of hell, find myself inside the sea, the last place I would be caught dead would be inside the confines of a "couldn't help Hooper" shark-cage.

Nope. Never happen. I'm safe.

That said, CAGE DIVE, the upcoming found footage shark-thriller from Gerald Rascionato will be distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment, with a multiplatform release set for this summer, and I'm totally down for the trip. 

Cage Dive follows:

"Three American tourists making an audition tape of them shark cage diving to submit to an extreme reality show. But a catastrophic turn of events leaves them stranded in baited waters of South Australia, surrounded by hungry great white sharks. 

The movie looks super cool - for a found footage flick - but, from the looks of the trailer (which you can peep below) it seems as if the divers get free from the cage pretty quickly and end up treading water on the surface. Just like OPEN WATER... 

Hurm. Let's hope they can squeeze the full lemon of their killer premise before resulting to OPEN WATER 3: We Were At One Time In a Shark-Cage, But Now We're Not.

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Source: THR



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