Starz developing alien series "Incursion" & Dracula series "Vlad Dracula"

With the increasing quality of original TV programming skewing toward genre material, Starz Media is getting into the fold...

THR has it the network is developing two such series, an alien invasion show called "Incursion" and a vampire one called "Vlad Dracula." Word is "Spartacus" producer Steven S. DeKnight will reprise his role for "Incursion," while Rob Tapert ("Spartacus"), J. Michael Straczynski (UNDERWORLD 4) and Roy Lee (THE RING) will do the same for "Vlad Dracula."

"Incursion" is described as a sci-fi action thriller revolving around a group of soldiers caught in a war against a hostile alien race. Each season of the potential series will be fought on a new, exotic planet as humanity inches deeper into enemy territory.

Conceived by Straczynski:

"Vlad Dracula" is described as a unique spin on the classic tale and a blending of historical facts of the 15th century Prince of Wallachia with the fictional character Dracula. The potential series would trace the character's evolution from a revered ruler to the world's most feared vampire and his slow downfall as he struggles to hold on to his humanity, wife and kingdom.

Both shows sound pretty sweet to me, but if I had to choose, I may opt for "Incursion." Don't know, there are a lot of Dracula movies currently in the works, so unless a wildly new angle is taken, it could get a little tiresome.

What says you? "Incursion" or "Vlad Dracula" sound more enticing?

"Spartacus" star Viva Bianca

Extra Tidbit: You think Eli Roth's HARKER gets made before "Vlad Dracula"?
Source: THR



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