Survival thriller Countrycide puts a woman in a bear trap

Countrycide Brett Kelly

I've been following the career of Canadian independent filmmaker Brett Kelly for around fifteen years now, during which time he has brought to life stories of THE BONESETTER, spacemen, go-go girls, vampires, giant leeches, pirates, a prehistoric shark, and more. Kelly's latest film, the 31st directorial credit on his IMDb page, is a survival horror thriller called COUNTRYCIDE.

Stories about people being trapped seemed to be popular these days, from Adam Green's "stuck on a ski lift" film FROZEN to the upcoming "stuck under a pool cover" movie 12 FEET DEEP. COUNTRYCIDE is about a character getting trapped, and this scenario is particularly nasty: Kelly has built his story around a woman who gets her leg caught in a bear trap.

A woman is alone in the woods with a bear trap on her leg. Unbeknownst to her, she is being hunted by predators of both the four and two legged variety.

The teaser trailer for the movie can be seen below, and it looks like things get very intense for the lead character, played by newcomer Robin Hodge. 

Hodge's co-stars include Joel Elliott, Andrew Galligan, Peter Whittaker, Trevor Payer, and Lee Cyr.

Kelly is currently sending COUNTRYCIDE out to film festivals. We'll keep you updated as we hear more on how it will be making its way out into the world.

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