Take a terrifying trip down Cherry Tree Lane this January

CHERRY TREE LANE has been a long time coming. Our first article about it was in July 2009, when it was first announced. Since then, we've seen a trailer and some stills, but even those goods came at us two years ago. Where has this sucker been?!

I don't have the answer for you on that one, but I do know when we'll get to see it. Image Entertainment has announced that CHERRY TREE LANE will hit DVD on JANUARY 29th. Better late than never, right?

Directed by Paul Andrew Williams (THE COTTAGE), the film goes like this: Mike, Christine and their son Sebastian have always felt safe in their peaceful suburban neighborhood, but a savage home invasion by three youths changes everything, pushing the family into a nightmare fight for survival. Bound, taunted and threatened, each moment is filled with the fear that it might be their last. As their personal hell unfolds, they will learn the shocking cruelty that modern strangers can inflict…and what they’re capable of in order to survive.

Pre-order CHERRY TREE LANE right HERE. The film is also available via digital download and will be available On Demand beginning January 17th.

Extra Tidbit: Did you enjoy Williams' THE COTTAGE? If nothing else, it had Jennifer Ellison (pictured above) going for it!



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