Teaser for the found footage thriller Alien Abduction

It's probing time! Coming up on April 4th through IFC Midnight is Matty Beckerman’s found-footage alien thriller ALIEN ABDUCTION and today we've got a nice little teaser to show you guys. Yes, I know, another found-footage flick, but aliens are cool… right? The teaser clocks in at only 16 seconds but it does get away with some pretty creepy imagery so maybe there's a lot more to this one than just another shaky cam flick. Dig it below and see what you think!

A terrifying sci-fi story inspired by dramatic found footage, ALIEN ABDUCTION (aka PROJECT BLUE BOOK) preys on our fear of the unknown as we follow an average American family who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

While driving to a campsite in the Brown Mountains of North Carolina, the Morris family’s GPS malfunctions and they are lead to a remote tunnel surrounded by abandoned vehicles. The father, Peter Morris is abducted leaving his traumatized wife and children to flee and seek refuge in a nearby cabin. There, they are horrified to learn that strange lights in the nearby mountains have been linked to alien abduction and human sacrifice for centuries.

When their attempts to alert the authorities are intercepted by the deadly extraterrestrial threat, the surviving members of the family find themselves under siege. A brutal and bloody attack unfolds as we witness the horror through the lens of the youngest child’s video camera.

The film is produced by SHARK NIGHT 3D, HOSTEL, HOSTEL: PART II and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (2003)'s Mike Fleiss as well as Lawrence Bender.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite alien flick?



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