Eduardo Schuldt's The Entity to be set loose in the UK on October 12

Last month, a Peruvian horror film entitled THE ENTITY (a.k.a. LA ENTIDAD and in no way connected to the 1982 THE ENTITY) made its European premiere at London's Film4 Frightfest. Now Solo Media and Matchbox Films are planning to spread the terror across the rest of the UK, setting it for an October 12th release on DVD and VOD.

Directed by Eduardo Schuldt from a screenplay he wrote with Sandro Ventura, THE ENTITY tells what happens when

a group of students discover a terrifying "reaction video" on the internet. Their search to discover the whereabouts of the video reveal an obscure corner of cyberspace known as the Dark Web where a curse brings death to all who witness the video.

Rodrigo Falla, Daniella Mendoza, and Carlos Casella star.

While my interest in the film is hampered by the fact that it was shot in the found footage style, there is some creepy imagery to behold in the trailer. I've had many more negative viewing experiences with supernatural found footage movies than positive ones, but every once in a while a good one slips through. Here's hoping that THE ENTITY is one of those entertaining exceptions.

Extra Tidbit: How does THE ENTITY look to you?



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