The Puppet Masters w/ Donald Sutherland & Keith David lands Blu-ray details

Before we dive too deep into this news, let me just say that I've never seen the film in question. Just the trailer. But the trailer for director Stuart Orme's THE PUPPET MASTERS starring Donald Sutherland, Keith David, Eric Thal, Julie Warner, and Will Patton was one of the most vivid memories I have from spending the night at my friend's house growing up. Basically, it terrified me. 

And it's with this in mind, I have always made mental note to check out the movie if the opportunity ever presented itself. As of this point in my life, this opportunity has never come up, but that may all change soon as Kino Lorber just announced they'll be releasing THE PUPPET MASTERS on Special Edition Blu-ray this December. You can check out the full list of special features below along with the reversible Blu-ray cover art.

The film begins after

An alien spacecraft set down in rural Iowa, and top-secret government agents Andrew Nivens (Donald Sutherland) and his son, Sam (Eric Thal), are sent to investigate. Coming along is NASA biologist Mary Sefton (Julie Warner), and together they make a startling discovery: alien parasites capable of taking over the minds of human beings. And the creatures are multiplying. The race is on for the team to stop the invaders before they turn all of humanity into zombie slaves.

Special Features:

Audio commentary by director Stuart Orme with film editor David Yardley

Robert A. Heinlein: The Puppet Grand Master – Documentary with Spectrum literary agency agent Eleanor Wood, author and screenwriter David Gerrold, author Brad Linaweaver and Robert Gleason, the executive editor of Tor/Forge Books and the author of The Evil That Men Do

Get Slugged with Julie Warner

Strange Invasion with Keith David

Alien Me, Alien You with Richard Belzer

Larry Odien Pulls the Strings: The Practical Effects of The Puppet Masters

Science Fantasy and Softcore Porn: Limited edition booklet essay by author and literary critic Samuel R. Delany

Newly commissioned art by Jacob Phillips

Animated Photo Gallery - Creature design images

Limited Edition O-card Slipcase

Reversible Art

Theatrical Trailer

Stuart Orme's THE PUPPET MASTERS lands on Blu-ray via Kino Lorber December 4th.  Do you plan to snag a copy of THE PUPPET MASTERS on Blu-ray via Kino Lorber this December.? Make sure to hit us up and let us know below!

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