The search is on for Halloween 5's lost deleted scenes

Halloween 5 Don Shanks Dominique Othenin-Girard

HALLOWEEN 5 has a nice special edition home video release, but there are still parts of that movie we've never seen. One thing I've been anxious to watch ever since I first heard it had been filmed is the movie's alternate opening sequence, in which the wounded Michael Myers is taken in not by a weird hermit with a parrot, but by an occultist called Doctor Death.

I think HALLOWEEN 5 would have been better off sticking with the Doctor Death opening, since it makes more sense for a guy like that to nurse Myers to health than it does for the old man to hang out with him for a year, and it was originally supposed to be Doctor Death who put that Thorn symbol on Myers' wrist. If we had seen him doing that, we would have been saved from the explanations given in HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS.

Another sequence that was filmed for HALLOWEEN 5 and then cut, never to be seen, was one in which Michael Myers wipes out a SWAT team. How can you film Myers killing people and then never show us that footage? That's unconscionable.

The footage has been feared lost forever, but the folks over at Halloween Movies are keeping hope alive. A few days ago, their Twitter account was updated with a post revealing that they are "in search of that lost footage from HALLOWEEN 5". Included were pictures taken inside a storage space packed with film cans and boxes - some of them containing pieces of HALLOWEEN 5 history.

I hope they do find what they're looking for, because I really want to see those deleted scenes. This year marks the 30th anniversary of HALLOWEEN 5, a perfect time for us to finally get a chance to watch that stuff.



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