The Walking Dead: Just how much Governor will there be?

WARNING: This article can be considered spoiler-heavy in regards to Season Four of "The Walking Dead".

One question on everybody's mind as we stumble towards the October premiere of "The Walking Dead" is: how much Governor will we see? The character certainly isn't present in the first trailer for Season Four (although his presence certainly looms, at least a little), but we heard earlier this year that David Morrissey was definitely coming back to terrorize the living once again. So what's the deal?

TV Line, a usually reliable source on all things boob tube, might have our answer. In reply to a question about how important the character of Philip Blake is this season, writer Michael Ausiello says:

Well, I can tell you that he’ll have a major presence in at least two Season 4 episodes, both of which are being unofficially billed as ”standalone Governor” installments. No specific intel on when those episodes will air, but I hear they’ll likely fall in the first chunk of eight (premiering Sunday, Oct. 13).

If true, that's very interesting. Standalone Governor episodes, meaning we'll solely focus on the travels of Blake and his two henchmen, Martinez and The Bowman (presuming they're still alive when we catch up). Would be a nifty tactic if the producers decide to go that route; besides, how much more can we see of The Governor harassing the prison folk at this point? Time for him to move on to the next chapter of his demented life.

Extra Tidbit: If this rumor is true, what's your stance?
Source: TV Line



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