Thomas Lennon has a role in Critters: A New Binge web series

Santa Clarita Diet Thomas Lennon

Thomas Lennon (pictured above in the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet) is best known for writing, directing, and/or acting in comedies, but if he's going to choose a movie to watch, chances are it's going to be a horror movie. And when it comes to appearing in horror movies, it seems that Lennon enjoys facing off with tiny terrors - he recently played the lead character in PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH, and now he has confirmed that he has a role in the upcoming web series continuation of the CRITTERS franchise, Critters: A New Binge.

Lennon confirmed his involvement with the Critters series during an appearance on the podcast The Movie Crypt, which is hosted by Adam Green and Joe Lynch (although Lynch was off making POINT BLANK during the recording of Lennon's episode). When asked about Critters, Lennon replied,

I didn't know that it's announced that I'm in Critters. ... I did one day and had to fight the shit out of so many Critters, I slept really great that night. I just had Critters latched on to my balls, my face, I blew out my elbow, it was really amazing."

Lennon wasn't sure if original CRITTERS special effects artists The Chiodo Brothers worked on A New Binge, but he said, 

The Critters look great in the new Critters, too. ... They look amazing, it was really fun."

Written and directed by Jordan Rubin, the series will show us what happens when  

the Critters return to Earth in search of one of their kin, who was left behind years ago during an earlier mission. They land in Burbank, California, where they wreak havoc on a group of high schoolers and their families. 

A premiere date for the series has not been announced, but when it's released Critters: A New Binge will be available for viewing through Verizon's go90 streaming service. We heard earlier this year that the series will consist of eight 10 minute episodes.

With PUPPET MASTER and Critters down, which small killer should Lennon take on next? Is Chucky up for the challenge?

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to the Critters series?
Source: The Movie Crypt



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