Tom Felton joins Tony Kaye's erotic-thriller Attachment, starring Sharon Stone

Draco, meet Catherine Tramell!

This past Groundhog Day not only foreshadowed another 6 weeks of winter, that day we learned Sharon Stone would headline Tony Kaye's erotic-thriller ATTACHMENT (didn't he just do a movie called DETACHMENT?). In the flick, Stone seduces a college lad, only to have her family stalked and tormented by the increasingly psychotic stage-5-clinger. Well folks, we now know who'll be romancing the Stone!

According to Comingsoon, Tom Felton (HARRY POTTER, seen right) has signed on to play the crazily love-struck collegian in ATTACHMENT. Production is set to kick up in the next few months.

Written by Christopher Denham (HOME MOVIE) - In ATTACHMENT Stone will play a married woman who has a one-night stand with a college student (Felton), who returns to stalk her and her family, even going so far as to begin dating her daughter.

Sounds like FEAR meets FATAL ATTRACTION. I'm a Stone fan, regardless of the projects she finds herself involved in these days. Can't tell you how many times I broke the rewind button whacking off to her work in the God awful SLIVER...before the days of internet. Chick was not only smoking, look no further than CASINO to see how talented an actress she can be given quality material. Hopefully Kaye can draw a powerful performance out of the girl!

Extra Tidbit: What do you think about ATTACHMENT so far? You feeling the Stone/Felton hookup?
Source: Comingsoon



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