Trailer & poster for Dan Bush's The Reconstruction of William Zero

conal byrne the reconstruction of william zero sci fi melissa mcbride dan bush

On tap for you this morning we've got the trailer and poster for THE RECONSTRUCTION OF WILLIAM ZERO, a new science fiction thriller from visionary director Dan Bush (THE SIGNAL), starring Amy Seimetz, Melissa McBride (AMC's "The Walking Dead"), and Conal Byrne. This one is set to arrive in theaters and on VOD April 10.

William Blakely (Byrne), a top genetic researcher, awakens after a catastrophic accident with no memory or motor skills. As he begins to relearn his past and identity with the help of his mysterious twin brother, the memories that return are not his own. As he tries to reconnect with his estranged wife Jules (Seimetz), he begins to unravel the strange circumstances surrounding the events that led him to fall into a coma. Searching for the source of these fragmented memories, he uncovers a shocking truth about his family and employers.

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