Ukrainian horror story comes to life in Synevir 3D

While the Ukraine isn’t exactly known as a hotspot for horror films, the trailer for SYNEVIR 3D (below) could very well change that trend. The film tells the story of ”a group of students who decided to spend a weekend at the lake. They did not believe in those stories about lake Synevir and the strange creatures around it. Too bad for them.”

But awesome for us, am I right? The film looks absolutely gorgeous and undeniably creepy, making it already a cut about this fall’s upcoming slate of Hollywood horror. As for the story, I'll admit the tropes are familiar and the set-up’s a little tired. Still, the foreign setting and the ensuing craziness of the trailer leave me welcoming a Ukrainian spin on a traditional campfire horror story.

While the film will soon be premiering in 3D in the Ukraine, the U.S. premiere will be at the 6th Annual B-Movie Celebration Film Festival in Columbus, Indiana, which spans September 14th through the 16th. No specific screening date have been announced yet aside from that, so all you Hoosier schmoes out there may want be on the lookout. Judge the trailer and poster below to decide if you want to take a cinematic trip to lake SYNEVIR.

Extra Tidbit: I don't know about that CGI decapitation, though. Call me old fashioned, but if you can do it with corn syrup and a mannequin head... then just do it with corn syrup and a mannequin head.



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