Vestron video to resurrect sequels Return of the Living Dead 3, C.H.U.D. II

Vestron Chud II Bud Return of the Living Dead 3

The resurrection of Vestron video is like the horror community's collective childhood personified in a Blu-Ray collection. The company's upcoming output is a bonkers collection of forgotten but beloved sequels, with 1989's C.H.U.D. II: BUD THE CHUD and 1993's RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3 both arriving on limited-edition Blu-Ray November 22nd. Check out the details below!

In Return of the Living Dead: Part II, the chemical Trioxin turned people into flesh-eating zombies. Now, the government is trying to control these unstoppable cannibalistic killers in Return of the Living Dead 3. When a young man uses the chemical to bring his girlfriend back to life after a motorcycle accident, she is driven to eat the only thing that will nourish her...human brains! She tries to stop her own feeding frenzy but a chain reaction has already begun, as hordes of undead are unleashed from their graves!

The special features on RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3 include:

·       Audio Commentary with Director Brian Yuzna
·       Audio Commentary with Actress Melinda Clarke and Special Make-Up Effects Artist Tom Rainone
·       “Ashes to Ashes” - A Conversation with Director Brian Yuzna and Screenwriter John Penney
·       “Living Dead Girl” – An Interview with Actress Melinda Clarke
·       “Romeo Is Bleeding” – An Interview with Actor J. Trevor Edmond
·       “Trimark & Trioxin” – Interviews with Production Excecutive David Tripet and Editor Chris Roth
·       “The Resurrected Dead” – Interviews with Special Effects Designers Steve Johnson and Chris Nelson
·       Still Gallery

RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3 was directed by Brian Yuzna and stars Kent McCord, James T. Callahan, and Sarah Douglas.

Kevin, Steve, and Katie are an inseparable trio of friends doing some extracurricular snooping in the school science lab when, among the test tubes and beakers, they discover a corpse! But before they can say “Abra Cadaver,” the body disappears, rolling down Route 51 strapped to a gurney. The kids need a spare stiff, and fast. What they find is “Bud the Chud,” a half-dead decomposing humanoid, the result of a military experiment gone haywire. When Bud sets out on a killing spree, the kids, the Army, the police, and the FBI are hot on his trail, trying to save the entire town from becoming “Chudified!”

The special features on this release are:

·       Audio Commentary with Director David Irving
·       Interview with Actor Gerrit Graham
·       Interview with Actress Tricia Leigh Fisher
·       Interview with Special Effects Artist Allan Apone
·       Still Gallery

C.H.U.D. II: BUD THE CHUD was directed by David Irving and stars Brian Robbins, Bill Calvert, Tricia Leigh Fisher, and Robert Englund.
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