Vivid new stills from The Strange Colour Of Your Body's Tears

Playing at the Toronto International Film Festival next month is Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani's giallo film THE STRANGE COLOUR OF YOUR BODY'S TEARS, and we now have a few colorful new stills to throw your way. So far I'm really digging everything about this flick. From the strange teaser and crazy cool poster (below) to these news stills, this one looks like an interesting and surreal throwback to the giallo genre. If you missed the teaser you can check it out right HERE. But first, take a peak at the new images below!

A woman vanishes. Her husband inquires into the strange circumstances of her disappearance. Did she leave him? Is she dead? As he goes along searching, he plunges into a world of nightmare and violence...

THE STRANGE COLOUR OF YOUR BODY'S TEARS stars Klaus Tange, Jean-Michel Vovk, Sylvia Carmarda, Sam Louwyck and Anna D’Annunzio. It will be released later this year.

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