Warner Bros. acquires the Friday the 13th films; will they get proper Blu-ray releases?

Last week, it was announced that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group has gained the exclusive rights to physical Blu-ray and DVD distribution of more than 600 Paramount catalog titles. For horror fans, this brings to mind the FRIDAY THE 13th franchise, which Paramount has dutifully released a handful of times over the years but never with the "respect" most fans feel is deserving. (As Friday the 13th Franchise.com notes, Paramount has yet to release FRIDAY 5-8 on Blu-Ray.) So will Warner Bros. pick up the slack?

According to Daniel Farrands, the director who brought us NEVER SLEEP AGAIN and the upcoming CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES, Warner Bros. indeed has all eight of Paramount's FRIDAY THE 13th films as part of their new distribution deal. However, it's unclear what the studio has planned for them; Farrands contends that "they haven't yet decided whether they will release a full Blu-ray box set or simply release 'one offs' of each title."

Either way, it's good news for Jason's biggest fans; we might just be getting pristine versions of F13 1-8 in the near future. Sure, no one needs a Blu-ray of JASON TAKES MANHATTAN, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be issued, dammit!

Stay tuned as we dig for further info.

The FRIDAY THE 13th remake's Julianna Guill

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