Warner Bros. taps Peter OBrien to adapt Trust Your Eyes, Todd Phillips to direct

Todd Phillips mining thriller territory? TRUST YOUR EYES folks, shite's true!

Back in September we told you that Philips had aspirations of producing and possibly directing TRUST YOUR EYES for Warner Bros. A little over two months later, the intentions are the same, though it seems Phillips and the studio have settled on Peter O'Brien (HALO: REACH) to adapt the script. Strange for a dude who's written most of his own screenplays.

Based on the popular Linwood Barclay novel:

TRUST YOUR EYES is likened to Hitch's REAR WINDOW and Barry Levinson's RAIN MAN, in a story that follows a schizophrenic, map-obsessed savant who witnesses a murder online on Manhattan's Lower East Side. He insists that his older brother investigate, and it's not long before the siblings cross paths with a politically-connected ex-cop and his ice pick-wielding henchwoman, who are themselves scrambling to clean up after a high-stakes screw-up.

I love the setup, not sure I love the director for the material. I'd be happy to be proved wrong, but I kind of think Phillips' best work was his first film ROAD TRIP. I mean, has he really gotten better as a filmmaker or just more successful?

Extra Tidbit: You think Phillips will direct or end up pulling out for HANGOVER 4 or some shite?
Source: Deadline



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