Will Behind the Mask's Leslie Vernon be returning in 2017?

Behind Before the mask leslie Vernon Nathan Baesel

The 2007 flick BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON might just be the best slasher film of the 2000's. A mockumentary about Leslie Vernon, a professional slasher villain, it became a cult icon in the horror community, but the planned follow-up BEFORE THE MASK quickly vanished from the radar. Until now...

The above post was shared by the film's official Facebook page this morning, but the news was also shared by star Nathan Baesel:

This feels to me a little like the vamping Don Mancini and Co. did to promote CHUCKY 7 (which we now know to be CULT OF CHUCKY). That means we'll probably still be kept hanging for longer than we want to be, but there is a definite possibility that we'll be seeing a return of Leslie Vernon before too long! I can't imagine happier news in the New Year than that!

Extra Tidbit: What would you want to see in a new Leslie Vernon movie?
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